Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toddler Blessings and Mommy Rambles

I know I am pretty darn biased but I am sometimes floored at how being Libby's mommy gets to be a better and better job by the day.

Today I have been overwhelmed with love and amazement of this sweet little girl.

She is growing so fast. It absolutely takes my breath away. 

Last night, she freely ran to me and gave me a hug and kiss. Grinning and yelling "MAMA!" She loves when momma and dada come home.  So happy to see us. 

She has named her pet lovie lamb, which we have diligently called "lovie" forever.  However, hence forth, it will be called "Numna" because that is Libby's choice.  Weird, yes.  But she named it herself. 

This morning at the grocery, she "helped" give all the items in the cart to the check out clerk.  This is her favorite part of the grocery experience.  That and the free cookies in the deli department.  Such a grown up action for such a little girl. 

This morning she was running around the park and picking her favorite things to do.... a far cry from the last time I took her to the park and she couldn't even walk yet.  Swings, slides, rocking bubble bee and repeat.  She was in heaven.

She is so sure and confident.  Qualities I pray she retains.  She has such a sweetness to her.  So many people who meet her comment on her sweetness and her openness. She dances with abandonment, she twirls and runs and laughs and lives.

Is is all perfection?? Heck no.  Definite stubborn streak.  Crazy mommy-itis when she's tired.  She is one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to my bookshelves, pantry shelves, drawers, her closet, etc.

I am just one thankful, grateful, blessed momma. 

Having Libby rocked my world in ways I never dreamed and it just keeps getting better day by day.  My heart is so full.  

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