Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Claus

Yup, it went that well.  Get to the mall in the rain, stand in small line for 30 minutes and then.... meltdown.  Ah well, here's the to memories.  

The best part was Santa serenading us with his banjo. Kudos to Hanes Mall, great Santa, friendly Santa staff and in the end, a Christmas moment.

Turkey Strut

Ready to run!
Ok.... its only a few weeks since Thanksgiving.... but I wanted to post about my Turkey Strut.  I have not run a road race since I was in High School.  And even then there wasn't a lot of running.  It could probably be said that I walked Cross Country instead of ran Cross Country the one year I was on the team.  But those were different days.

Since then, I've taken my health and my diet more seriously.  I lost 30lb and picked up a serious exercise bug.  Unfortunately, this part of my life has taken a bit of a backseat to motherhood but I'm running when I can.  The YMCA daycare freaked me out so I have not headed back to Pump Class, but, with the help of babysitters, my husband and my treadmill, I find time to work out as I am able.

I have been trying to run a 5K road race for a couple of years and somehow I always get "5K-itis".  The night before I get sick, the morning of the race its pouring rain or I get called into work.  I ended up cancelling my run again and again.  So here I am, ready and freaking willing to run this race come what may. 

Go Mommy Go!
And of course, Thursday morning, its in the low 30s out when I am getting ready to run.  Trying not to mentally freak out (but not having much success), I laced up my tennis shoes, checked my iPod and filled up my water bottle.  Craig and Libby came to cheer me on because we decided it was too cold to run with Libby.  Plus, there was a little bit of me that wanted to run this for myself.  I knew hands down I could run it with Craig pacing me and encouraging me.  I wanted to do this for myself and by myself. 

There were a couple of moments of panic as I saw everyone else in their proper weather running equipment and realized I forgot my running watch.  Basically, I just told myself to suck it up, turn up the music and run.

In the last 1/4 mile
And I did!!! I completed the 5K - goal #1 accomplished!!!!!

My goal time was under 35 minutes.  As I crossed the Finish Line I saw I had finished in UNDER 30 MINUTES!!!!! Good gracious its a miracle!!! How did that happen?!?!? I have never run that fast in my life!!!! I ran that race over 15 minutes faster than I EVER ran it in high school and I'm over 30 and have a baby.  I am proud of myself and glad to have my little exercise bug back.... maybe a 10K in the spring.... maybe a Disney Half Marathon in the future???

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walk This Way

Cookie! How did you end up on the floor?!?

I will rescue you Cookie!

Look Mommy! I got Cookie!

I love Cookie!

Here I come mommy!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Silly Mommy

I have decided I should stop making any statements at all about my opinion on children, raising them, the toys they play with or the clothes they wear.  This could prove challenging as a pediatrician but I think for my own good, it would be a great idea.  I am tired of eating giant amount of crow and getting laughed at -- even though I think I'm the only one doing the laughing.

Like most women before they enter into motherhood, I had loads of preconceived notions of what type of mother I would be, what my children would be like, how my home would be a wonderful haven for them, blah blah blah.

Here are some of the dumbest things I've said.....

1) I will never have toys that sing and light up.  We will try to buy as many wooden toys as possible.  I want Libby to use her imagination and be creative.

Grrrrrrr..... I'm laughing at myself just typing it out!!!!!! As the songs from Libby's activity table are currently stuck in my head and I'm remembering firing up my iPod to play Kindermusik at Target today, I have clearly eaten these words.   I tried to stick to my guns initially. We bought the old fashioned stacker set that doesn't light up, we have lots of books and dolls - none of which make noise.  But Libby was bored.  Really bored.  Which led to frustrated mommy and baby,

So Libby now has a second activity table because her first one was all toggle switches and whirly balls -- no music or lights.  And she freaking loves it.  Our house will basically light up and sing after Santa gets here this year I'm sure.

2) I hope Libby doesn't get hooked on a theme or show so my sanity is preserved.

Again, HAHAHAHAHA!! It has already begun.  Grover, Cookie Monster and the Sesame Street gang are making appearances in our house and she loves it! Favorite books right now are all Sesame Street.  She picked out a Cookie Monster doll at Target (while my iPod was playing Kindermusik). And so it begins.....

There are so many more but these two seemed to shine the brightest today.  I know we are headed into full on toddler hood with tantrums, obsessions, melt downs, and craziness.  I am little hesitant but I definitely will just keep my mouth shut about how I think it "should" or "could" go!

And she's off!!!

Over the past week or so, Libby has figured out how to walk.  From a few halting, toddling step to full on exploration, it has all happened in a matter of days.  We are all stunned at how quickly to gained the confidence to take off on her own.  While our world is quite child proofed, we are marveling at Libby's walking!  Here's a little video to show off our girl!!

Libby walks to daddy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NYC get away

In October, Craig and I got away for a little grown up time. We headed to NYC for a long weekend visiting Erik and playing tourist.  We had so much fun!! Sleeping in, eating out, doing things that didn't involve pushing a stroller, sippy cups or picking up toys!!

Our first night, we stayed at Erik's apartment.  He has a great one bedroom on the Upper East side with a private patio.  Rachel and Erik hosted us for a great night out in his neighborhood and even got to visit Erik's old roommate Ashley.  We ended a great night drinking wine and visiting on Erik's back patio.

Who's the nanny and who's the mommy?
On Thursday, we majorly got our dork on by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  First we walked up to Central Park from Erik's apartment and then walked through the Park to get to the museum.  We came across a really cool playground that is built into Central Park.  It was so cool to see all the kids playing and to think of NYC as a kid-friendly location.  I, of course, was scoping out the stroller brands and playing "who's the mommy and who's the nanny?"

In the Museum, we loved the Egyptian artifacts and the weaponry exhibits.  Craig really liked the old guns and swords. But the European art was one of the best collections I've seen.  And who knew a vacuum could be art??
Two Dorkus maximuses...  maximi?
Incredible marble work
Who knew?
I love wood inlay work
"I love swords"
Egyptian temple

Post-Museum we moved over to Rachel's apartment.  Sadly, she had plans to be in WDW for the weekend and we couldn't convince her to stay in town.  She AMAZINGLY offered up her fabulous apartment to us and we leaped at the opportunity! Rachel as a gorgeous loft apartment in Murray Hill, two blocks from the Empire State Building.  We felt quite posh.    After settling in, we met Erik and headed out for the night. 

Our first stop was the 9/11 Memorial.  While we knew it would be a difficult visit, it was something Craig and I were very much compelled to do.  While it initially looked like our visit would be cancelled due to a lightening storm, after a bit the storms blew out and the afternoon was beautiful.  The memorial was incredibly somber of course.  I was impressed how respectful all of the visitors chose to be; on our previous trips to Ground Zero, there had been many rude and disrespectful visitors.  It didn't surprise me that no one really talked but what did surprise me was that the noise from the waterfalls drowned out all of the city noise outside of the memorial.  There are sky scrapers being built all around the memorial - on the street all you hear are jack hammers, construction noise, and the hum of Manhattan.  But inside, all you hear is the water. Its eerie and somehow, appropriate.  My pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the memorial but I just couldn't fit in all inside a camera frame!

Erik provided us tickets to his show Memphis, which won the 2010 Tony for Best Musical.  He is the Advertising and Marketing Director for the show! His name is in Playbill!! We are so freaking proud of him!!!!!!!! 

Joining us for the evening was his friend Kat, whom he has known since high school in Charlotte.  They have reunited in NYC of all places! After the show, Erik and Kat took us to Hudson Terrace, a swanky rooftop bar where the drinks are as expensive as the real estate you are looking at! Luckily they had a Groupon!!

On Friday, Craig and I got super touristy and hit up the Empire State Building.  The view was amazing, but so was the line to get in, the line to get out, the line to do everything!!!!  But the Art Deco decor was beautiful and Erik had designed the lobby windows as ad space for Memphis - again, super proud!

Rachel's building - as seen from the top of the ESB
Erik's windows
Maximum tourist
After our touristy adventures, it was time to do some grown up weekend fun -- aka drink beer.  We met Erik and Kat at Eataly and went up to the rooftop bar Birreria.  AMAZING!! Gorgeous views of Manhattan - Flatiron Building on one side, Empire State Building on the other!!! Not to mention fabulous beer, wine and cheese.  I was one happy girl!!!

Next, we all headed to Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Brewery.  Delicious micro-brews and good music.

Saturday, we shopped in SoHo, watched football, and stomped around in the rain.  Saturday night, Erik, Craig and I toasted our lovely weekend with champagne on Rachel's roof - what a view! And lastly, had an amazing dinner out at Teqa.  The spicy cucumber margaritas were delicious!