Thursday, March 1, 2012

Roller coaster home search

Craig: interest rates are ridiculous.  If we aren't going to refinance, we need to move.
Meg: Lets move!

And then, this happened.....
Part 1
- Get excited, look at houses on the internet.....
- Find amazing home.... too old, too expensive, too much work.... think, think, think....

Part 2
- Then came the news we were going to have a baby!! House hunting in overdrive!!!!!!!
- Should we put in an offer on expensive/old/worn out house?????????

- More news.... we are not having a baby.  We have had a miscarriage.  Surgery.  Tears.  Heartbreak.

- Are we still moving????

Part 3
- Craig, the rock, holds my hand and tells me we wanted this before we knew, before the tears.  We should press forward.

- More hand holding.  More tears.

- Agree to look again.

Part 4
- 2611 Buena Vista --- pull up, love it.  walk up, love it.  walk in, love it.  walk out - true love??

- Think, think, think......

- Hands held, we decide to leap - offer in, offer accept, contract signed.


1 comment:

Erin said...

Aw Meg! What a stressful time! So sorry to hear about Part 2. But very excited for your new home! Miss seeing you guys! I'm visiting Brooke in Raleigh for Memorial Day, maybe we can catch up then?