Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm gonna get you.....

Chasing Libby has become Craig's new favorite game. 

The Swing Obsession

In the spring we discovered that Libby loves loves loves swings.  Shannon or I would take her to the park almost every day to swing.  Our family trips to the park became highlights of the weekend and I just lived for those delighted squeals of joy.
Loving the park swing on Easter weekend
But then the summer hit.... 90+ every day and the park became too difficult to deal with.  The equipment was too hot and Libby really hated being out in the heat.  Not to mention mommy!

So what to do..... we have no trees at our house that we can put a swing on and erecting a big time swing set was not in the summer budget. I puzzled and puzzled about this one for several weeks and then.... EUREKA! I had the solution!

I built Libby a swing to hang from our garage door frame! Yes, its a little redneck but its totally engineering sound. Occasionally I actually use those two engineering degrees!  Craig watched Libby while I went to Lowe's, navigated the lumber aisle all by myself, bought my supplies, came home and built it.  He even let me run the drill. 

In the end, I finished making and painting the swing after Libby was asleep so my big reveal didn't happen until the next morning.  I had her in the swing before she even got her oatmeal!  SHE LOVED IT!!

Mommy the engineer

We use the swing almost every day and Libby just loves it.  Her friends have used it when they come over to play and her grandparents have even gotten in on the action.  I am thrilled and pretty darn proud of my little solution!
Babcia and Opa approve

Now don't freak and think that we are backing around this swing every time we leave the house.  The swing hooks into two I-bolts screwed into the wood frame of the garage.  The swing has open hooks on the top that allow it to be taken down and hung by a bike hook on our shelves.  The blue wooden pieces at the top of the yellow rope enable me to stand, hold Libby and reach up and hook the swing into the I-bolts.  She can face out to the drive way or into the garage, depending on how sunny it is.   It works so perfectly for us!