Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun

It has been a truly spectacular fall.  The weather has been beautiful and the days have been clear.  We have been hitting the walking trails around Winston every weekend and spending time outside.  We stopped by Hawk's Pumpkin Patch last weekend to pick out our pumpkins.  Libby wasn't in a super smiley mood but she had fun with the pumpkins.

This weekend we headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the fall color and attend the Swain family's Fall Mountain Festival.  Mr. Swain is a former client of Sue's from Charlotte.  They have been attending this party for 8 years.  This was our first opportunity to get away from Winston and see the color.

It was so beautiful up on the Parkway!! The fall color wasn't quite to peak but it was still stunning.  It was a clear, bright day and the house was amazing. 

The party was very child friendly and even had a Bounce House! Libby was welcomed into the House by all the children - even the middle school boys were gentle with her.  She LOVED it!! Her happy squeals and static electric hair kept us laughing.

Babcia and Opa danced with Libby into the night and we all had an amazing dinner. 

Today we walked the Reynolda Gardens trail - I just can't get enough of the fall!! Can't wait for Halloween!