Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Does this make me "crafty"?

So I decided to make a bow holder for Libby's hairbows.  Hold the laughter and snickers please.  This is coming from the woman who was terrified to have a girl because I very much don't do hair and don't do pink and don't do bows.  That being said, my little girl looks AMAZING in pink and ADORABLE in bows and frankly her type A mother needed an organized place to keep them all.

So that leads up to here.  Between Pinterest and my own frugal nature, I decided I could make a bow holder cheaper than I could purchase one.  This bow holder has 5 vertical ribbons for holding bows and hooks at the bottom for holding handbands and other hair accessories.  I'm officially a girl's mom.

Step 1: Buy the following items (preferably on sale)
            - wooden frame without glass or backing
            - spray paint for the frame
            - ribbon
            - hot glue supplies if you do not already own
            - cute embellishment doodad
            - screw in hooks
            - mounts

Step 2: Spray paint frame.

Step 3: Measure out spacing for ribbon (if you are me) and if you are a normal person, just eyeball where to want to mount the ribbon

Step 4: Go to town with glue gun.  Helpful hint: Initially I tried to mount the ribbon with my staple gun.  This resulted in destroying the front of the frame and several choice words to be muttered. 
Punctured front of frame
To the rescue
Finished gluing
Front side!
Step 5: Once hot glue dry, flip frame over.  Adhere doodad embellishment with more hot glue. And as Carrie Bradshaw, Seventeen magazine and our mothers taught us: if there's a little imperfection, just cover it up and keep on going.  What holes caused by enormous staple???
Doodad covering staple punctures
Almost done!

Step 6: To add hooks, first pre-drill the holes for the hooks using a power drill.  Next screw in hooks.


Now to mount the finished product.  I am putting this holder on the inside of her closet door.  Because doors are hollow, I am using the removable 3M hooks.

I will update post on success of 3M hooks if it is a flop.  But overall, one of my more successful projects!!